Photographs (July 2002).

This page contains photographs of the group during July 2002. The time on each photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by 8 hours.

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Mog re-fueling at a typical massive fuel station (fuel station architecture is a new Chinese art form) near Korla, Xinjiang province.

Reputedly the most western bit of Great Wall, at Jiayaguan. In fact a replica, built in 1987 by students paid 1 Yuan ($0.12USA) per brick, on the site of the original.

Maureen near the top in the noon day sun.

Lunch at one of many food stalls in Jiayaguan market. The food, a mixture of liver, tripe and vegetables is cooked on the round hot plate and you eat it directly from there.

Instant sandal repairs in the Jiayaguan market.

Clive watches as "secret" repairs are made to K-Nine in a disused fuel station just outside Jiayaguan. K-Nine continues to run well.

Pat "detains" a Chinese coal truck that has just clipped K-Nine until the damage to K-Nine is determined.

The Yellow River is not.

The final 30km of road to Xiahe used to be a narrow, well surfaced road running between tall trees. It may have been too small for the expected traffic. Sometime ago (a year or two?) the old road was ripped up and new cuttings and embankments bulldozed, many of the old bridges were demolished. Realizing that it was now impossible to drive to Xiahe an off-road obstacle course was then "constructed" over the earth works suitable only for 4 x 4 trucks. Construction, by hand, of the new road then began. It may be finished in two or three years.

An unexpected lake to cross...

...but will Kon-Tiki make it up the ramp onto the ferry without ripping off the LPG tanks. Margaret is not entirely sure and mentions her concerns to Les.

A monkette inspects Mog at the Laprang Monastery.

Laprang Monastery at Xiahe.

A carved doorway at Laprang Monastery, Xiahe.

Laprang Monastery at Xiahe.

Laprang Monastery at Xiahe (alas the sign says "WC")

The workers who fixed Womble's wall back on at Laprang Monastery, Xiahe.

Terracing on a gigantic scale near Chankua on the way to Xian.

Stephen Stewart.

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