Photographs (September 2002).

This page contains photographs of the group during the first half of September 2002. The time on each photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by 8 hours.

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Baofeng Lake. "Golden Frog gaping at Moon" (or perhaps "Peacock Unfolding Beautiful Feathers" or even "Fairy Looking at Reflection in Mirror" it is hard to be sure.).

The spectacular Yellow Dragon (Huanglong) Cave.

Maureen and Ann wash their dirty linen in public (Maureen even mixed whites and coloreds, shame on her!).

Parking lot of Sacred Steps in Nanyue, at HengShan Mountain.

Pat, Clive, Ann, Maureen, Margaret and Les on board the boat (at last) for the river trip from Guilin to Yangshuo.

Mind your head?

Karst peaks seen from the boat between Guilin and Yangshuo.

The final stage of the return journey to Guilin was in two three wheeler "taxis". Clive, Ann and Maureen are in the one behind.

This web page was created in Mog in the dramatic coach park at Yangshuo where we camped for 16 Yuan ($2USA) per van per night.

Stephen Stewart.

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