Photographs (September 2002).

This page contains photographs of the group during the second half of September 2002. The time on each photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by 8 hours.

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Karst peaks seen from the road between Yangshuo and Guilin.

Near Yangshuo.

Water buffalo plowing a rice paddy near Yangshuo.

Lady with pipe and hat near Yangshuo.

West Street Yangshuo.

Carl says farewell to the group just outside Guilin
(Carl and Bigfoot returned to Canada via Hong Kong).

Maling Gorge from the road bridge.

Pat is 40 again!

Womble is nearly forced off the road by a double width truck transporter.

The "Stone Forest" at Shi Lin near Kunming.

The car that backed into K-Nine in Kunming.

The three pagodas at Dali in the rain.

Wide load.


But we did not stay and meet ET.

Womble wisely keeps to the right entering Deqquin.

Clive and Les attache a tow rope for K-Nine to pull Womble out of the mud.
Maureen supervises and wonders why she is here!

Tiny village in the valley near Changduo.

Definitely a one-way tunnel but tall enough for Mog.

We wait.

K-Nine enters Tibet! The road gets worse.

The first truck risks crossing a recently cleared avalanche at speed (occasional 50kg rocks are still falling). A few minutes latter we all charge across, Womble gets a push from the local villagers who have just cleared the bulk of the avalanche at some considerable risk. There is "road clearance" charge of 50 Yuan ($7USA) paid willingly.

Mog prepares to tow Womble (and later all the other vans) up a very steep loose rock slope with a stream running down it. There is a 50 metre drop to the left, and jagged rocks sticking out on the right.

The road may be bad but the scenery is beautiful.

The local houses are insulated with two metres of straw!

A typical no-name Tibetan village high street.

Lady with prayer beads.

..but the scenery is stunning.

Mog prepares to tow Roger's van back onto the road, Jean-Claude stands by with a saw to cut the tow rope if Roger's van slides off the bridge entirely.

Mog tows K-Nine through the deep mud and passed "Roger's Bridge".

...but the scenery is stunning.

Starts are early (07:05) dark and cold at 4500 meters.

...and the road is icy...

...but the scenery is stunning.

Stephen Stewart.

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