A page specifically about navigation during a trip like China 2002 may be added here but in the mean time please see the following page under Equipment:

During the China 2002 trip I collected the waypoints (i.e. the exact latitude and longitude) of most of the camp sites we used and many of the hard to find places we visited as well as GPS tracks for large parts of the journey. Anybody contemplating a similar journey who would like a copy of my GPS waypoint and track data should contact me.

As an example the above map shows the route taken by Mog in China, Tibet, Nepal and India in 2002 as recorded by our Garmin V GPS receiver. The data is recorded with an accuracy of about 10 metres.

The above map shows Mog turning round at the point where the group had to abandon the attempt to drive along the N318 in Tibet. Note the scale (that is twenty meters!).

Stephen Stewart.

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