How it started.

We are now about to set off for Central and South America, on a journey that will take us more than a year to complete. However it all started with a plan to circumnavigate the Mediterranean! This is something Ann and I have wanted to do for quite a while and we were delighted that Olwyn and John (OJ) wanted to come with us. So we had the nucleus of a group.

But as John Lennon wrote in one of his songs "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". OJ were chomping at the bit to get on the road again after their last trip (Siberia 2004) so when the chance came to join the SAM 2005 group travelling to South America last August, they jumped at the chance. This left us on our own for our trip, but the temptation of South America became too great so we thought why not! But it was too early for us to go with the SAM 2005 group due to other commitments.

After an initial contact with Stephen (who had travelled with us on our two earlier journeys) was positive, we set about some early planning and rapidly roughed out an idea to travel to both Central and South America from early 2006. By now it was the end of April 2005 and time for the annual Silk Route Club meeting at Castle Donnington. Here we all meet up to exchange views, meet other overland travellers and tell everyone what trips we have planned. Four other crews were very interested in joining Stephen and us. In the final event there are four crews in our little group who are going to traverse the oceans to explore an exciting continent.


When we met Clive and Ann at Castle Donnington, we were planning to go the "other way" round the world. It was due to a gentle intervention from the "Weather Man" (Clive) that we went home, looked at outrunning the monsoon in India, and decided to join the PanAm 2006 group! (This proved to us that there is no substitute for experience.)

We have to join the group in South America, maybe one day Central America will feature in our plans.

Mick and Mo.

Who is going?

A total of eight people in four vehicles. From left to right Stephen, Mick, Mo, Bruce, Lesley, Clive and Ann. (Judy was in Canada)

Clive and Ann (in K-Nine) are long time members of the Silkroute Club and took part in both China 2002 and Siberia 2004.

Mick and Mo (in Mel) are new to the Silkroute Club, but are experienced motorcaravaners. They will be joining the rest of the group in Ecuador. For them South America will just be the start of a three year round-the-world trip.

Bruce and Lesley (in Bodo) are also new to the Silkroute Club but are experienced overland travelers. Bruce will tell his version of the trip here whilst Lesley claims to tell the truth here! Compare and contrast?

Stephen and Judy (in Mog). Stephen is also a veteran of both China 2002 and Siberia 2004. Judy (the only Canadian amongst 7 Brits) has travelled extensively for extended periods of time, though this is her first big overland adventure.

Click here for a Google Satellite Map of our route in Central and South America.

Stephen Stewart.

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