Let the paperwork begin.

Although our vehicles are not due in Mexico for another couple of days, we have started to prepare for their arrival.

Shipping and Customs.

Following the advice we had from our shipping agent in the UK (Phoenix Aircargo) we contacted the port authorities in Altamira who told us that we needed to retain a customs agent. They recommended DAP.

Mr. Gerardo Fuentes Trevino
Servicios Integrados Gume, S.C.
Emiliano Zapata No. 523
Col. Obrera, C.P. 89050
Tampico, Tam.

Phone: (833) 256-81-91, 256-81-93, Y 256-81-94
Mobile: (044-833) 245-06-14
E-Mail: gerardo_fuentes (at) grupogume.com

Our initial meeting at the DAP offices (N 22.24117 W 97.84909) was friendly and productive. Mr. Trevino explained (in a mixture of Spanish and English) that:

  1. We must give him copies of our passports and the Bills of Lading (also called Bills of Loading or Waybills) so that he could arrange for us to be granted access to the port.

  2. Because Mexico does not recognise our "Carnet de Passages en Douane" we have to present (both the original and two copies of) our:

    • Passport*.
    • Migratory form for foreign tourists.
    • Title to our vehicle (UK registration document).
    • Driving license.
    • Bill of Lading.

    to the Banjercito (Bank of the Army) and pay a deposit $34.00USA by credit card. We should then get a temporary import permit allowing us to bring our vehicles into Mexico.

* We have now been asked for two copies of every page of our passport, including blank pages.

Parking in Tampico.

Although the Holiday Inn is fine to stay in whilst we wait for our vehicles, it does not currently have suitable access to its car park for vehicles of our size. We have therefore arranged to park our vans behind the Posada de Tampico Hotel in an area used by lots of large RVs on escorted tours of Mexico (there were more than ten Canadian RVs there when we looked). The hotel charges $15.00USA per night per vehicle. Use the hotel's rear entrance at N 22.27542 W 97.87581 .

Gas - Propane.

We have tentatively identified an LPG filling station in Tampico (N 22.27866 W 97.87294 ) that we think will be able to fill our LPG tanks.


Lesley, Clive, Judy and Ann.Naturally we have been sampling the local cuisine and cerveza (beer).

So far our favourite restaurant is La Troya overlooking the Plaza de la Libertad and our favourite bar, complete with wild-west style swing doors, is The Rest. Bar el Puerto.

Stephen Stewart.

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