Good news, Bad news?

Bruce is relaxed about where his vehicle is.When Lesley phoned the port authorities this morning we got the good news. Our ship, the Jade Arrow, had docked yesterday (2006-01-18), unloaded its cargo and gone on to Vera Cruz.

Antonio* reported that he had seen one vehicle, with "NASA equipment, National Geographic (maps?) and a Cuidado con el perro! sign" (i.e. Mog).

The bad news is that he had not seen the other two vehicles!

Are they on their way to Vera Cruz? Were they unloaded at Port Canaveral in the USA? Are they still at Southampton? Bruce takes the news in his stride, he is not worried?

But we must all go to the port and find out...

* She spoke as usual to Antonio Vargas. Phone: +52 833 230 330, Mobile: +52 833 245 6440.

Stephen Stewart.

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