Rain, ruins and a restaurant.

This web page comes to you, in the rain, from the delightfully laid-back MayaBell Hotel, RV park, open-air restaurant and "alternative" community (N 17.487650 W 92.038212) near the magnificent Palenque archaeological site.

Although we only plan to stay two nights, some of the residents seem to have been here (sleeping in hammocks slung under open sided thatched huts - $3 USA per night) for several months. Some may be unsure how long they have been here. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, live music and good food.

But first our eco-tour of the Cañon Sumidero. Alas our boat did not have a 300hp motor, only 75hp, nevertheless we were able to disturb a wide variety of wildlife at a very satisfying 53kph!

Our two hour trip took us 30km down stream thru a 1000 metre deep canyon where we put to flight a variety of attractive birds (and vultures), were ignored by several spider monkeys and thwarted the hunting plans of half a dozen crocodiles.

We also saw the rare (and possibly non-existent) long haired, tree climbing Mexican ant eater.

A fun way to spend a morning. Our two hour trip cost $90 USA for a boat holding up to eight people.

The drive from Chiapa de Corzo to San Cristobal de las Casas is only 36km in a straight line, but 74km by road and takes you from 400 metres to 2100 metres. We took nearly four hours to do it. San Cristobal de las Casas is a pleasant, if not spectacular town, and the trailer park at the Hotel Bonampak is fairly easy to find and adequate (N 16.731187 W 92.653555). The supermarket opposite is well worth a visit.

The reason to to come to Palenque is ruins.

Massive, spectacular ruins. Probably the most important archaeological site of Mesoamerica, with the bulk of the buildings dating back to 600 to 900 C.E. Thoroughly recommended, even in the rain.

Stephen Stewart.

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