Topes in Paradise.

Mexico is infamous for topes (speed bumps/ sleeping policemen). Together we have driven in more than 75 countries, and have never experienced so many speed bumps! Considering the excessive number of roadside shrines in this country, it's no wonder they need some way of slowing down the traffic. Topes are created out of concrete, asphalt, metal, wood, rubble, holes, rope, and old tires. On a particular bad-tope day, we traversed 70 topes in 60 minutes on a 30km stretch of road. That's an average of 2.3 topes per kilometer. At that rate, it might take us a few years to get to South America!

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco...

Another way Mexicans like to slow down traffic is by placing their young children in the middle of busy roads, selling food, drink, and assorted items.

In the Chiapas region, we drove a beautiful valley drive on highway 199, also known as "Bandito Road". In the past, there have supposedly been armed robberies in this wild region.

It was not very comforting to see this Mexican-with-rifle sign! (United resistance against territory occupation.)

Mexicans are very friendly people, often waving to us from the roadside, their vehicles, or riding in the back of trucks.

A popular past-time challenges drivers to see how many people they can fit into the back of their pick up truck.

Judy Bartos.

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