We are in El Salvador.

This web page comes to you from just inside El Salvador near Ahuachapean. More precisely, we (that is K-Nine and Mog) are parked in the woods in the midst of a Geothermal power station! We had thought from the map that it was a tourist attraction (geysers etc.) but it turned out not to be. However we did find somewhere to park amongst a few puffs of steam. (N 13.921400 W 89.845000).

Where (I hear you ask) are Bodo? The truth is we don't know. Over the last few days we have been traveling separately from Bodo because they want to drive faster than K-Nine and Mog are comfortable with. Because our radios only have a range of a few kilometers and most of our cell phones did not work in Guatemala, we have temporarily lost contact with each other.

The three mechanics who worked on Mog's oil seal and service. Thanks. We had intended to drive directly from the beautiful town of Antigua in Guatemala to El Salvador, without going thru Guatemala city, but Mog developed an oil leak from one of the rear wheels and we needed to visit the magnificent Mercedes-Benz garage in Guatemala city. (Comercial Omni de Guatemala, S.A., 24 Calle 5-78 Zona 11, Guatemala, Phone: +502 24701717 at N 14.600750 W 90.552803).

Guatemala city is big! We are told that six million of the country's twelve million people live there. Alas there are few good road signs in the city, and with our Spanish being very limited, finding the garage was quite a challenge. In spite of brilliant navigation by K-Nine we still needed to make a few "U" turns much to the disapproval of the police. We were also spotted by Luis Fernando De Leon, an avid traveller and Unimog fan. He followed us in his car, rang his wife with the web site name on the back of Mog, and by the time he caught up with us at the Mercedes-Benz garage knew all about the trip. Indeed he was already looking forward to seeing the yellow one (Bodo)!

From left to right, Denis, Melina and Luis.We spent about six hours getting Mog fixed and K-Nine serviced after which Luis returned and escorted us to his home on the outskirts of Guatemala city where we parked up for the night with a great view of several volcanos.

We spent an enjoyable evening with Luis, his wife Melina and a friend Denis.

Many many thanks for a great evening and a spectacular parking place.

This web page was finished with us (K-Nine and Mog) camped just north of the Cerro Verde National Park between Volcan Santa Ana and Volcan Izalco (N 13.832925 W 89.629053).

N.B. Although a wonderful parking place, it should be noted that the last 1.5km drive here is really for 4x4s only (but K-Nine made it.)

Stephen Stewart.

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