Two more days in Trujillo.

Although our parking place outside the Hotel Christopher Columbus was convenient, it did lack charm. So we decided to spend our last night near Trujillo at another camping place we had read about called Campamento, a few kilometers west of town. (N 15.905278 W 85.988312)

Campamento has proved so enjoyable we have already spent two very relaxing days here. As well as camping space for five or six big campervans there is a fine restaurant (with garlic lobster in season), a swimming pool and a white sandy beach. The road here is a bit rough, but it is definitely worth it! Highly recommended.

Trujillo is [in]famous for what three people did here.

Christopher Columbus first set foot in America here in 1502.

William Waker was executed here in 1860 (after failing, for the third time, to take control of Honduras by force).

Another USA citizen, also intent on nearby "regime change" was Trujillo's third infamous person. He was responsible, with a little help from the Iranians, for the huge runway outside the Christopher Columbus Hotel.

A quick search on Google will reveal all the deniable details.

Stephen Stewart.

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