Photographs (Mexico to Nicaragua).

This page contains photographs of the group up to 2006-04-06.

2006-02-23. Mexico. Ann, Clive and K-Nine on the beach at Puerto Bravo.

2006-02-23. Mexico. Mog on the beach at Puerto Bravo.

2006-02-26. Belize. The front of Mog covered in thousands of "bobos"
(mosquito sized, non-biting insects).

2006-02-26. Belize. Yet more Mayan ruins at Lamanai.
No mamby-pamby rules about not climbing here! Just a frayed rope.

2006-02-26. Belize. Mayan ruins at Lamanai.

2006-02-26. Belize. A laid-back gentleman on the street of Orange Walk.

2006-02-27. Belize. Judy inspects a Mennonite chicken packing factory at Little Belice Camp. Note the independent, torsion bar suspension on the buggy.

2006-02-27. Belize. An old, but still in-use, Mennonite tractor with metal and concrete wheels at Little Belice Camp.

2006-02-27. Belize. A very slow Mennonite tractor (with metal wheels) passes Bodo (parked on the wrong side of the road) whilst being overtaken by a two wheel buggy at Little Belice Camp.

2006-03-01. Belize. Caye Caulker 30km off the coast near Belize city.

2006-03-01. Belize. A magnificent hand-embroidered quilt for sale in a shop on Caye Caulker.

2006-03-03. Belize. A beach hut for rent at Placencia.

2006-03-04. Belize. Does exactly what it says on the door. Nr. Placencia.

2006-03-05. Belize. Plaencia.

2006-03-05. Belize. You have to drive across the end of the runway to get to Placencia.

2006-03-05. Belize. And we drove past this to get away from Placencia.

2006-03-05. Belize. Hopkins.

2006-05-06. Belize. Lampyridae Coleoptera (ONO).
These bugs produce an intense white light in bursts of several seconds. In some places there were hundreds flying close to the ground, lighting up the night. This one was in Mog doing a good imitation of a warning LED. Please note this photograph has been shamelessly enhanced to show the "glow".

2006-03-07. Guatemala. Tikal.

2006-03-09. Guatemala. Some guide books (LP Central America) describe Sumuc Champey as being "famed for its great natural limestone bridge 300 metres long". Well its quite attractive but not in the same class as say Pamukkale in Turkey. Do they mean ridge?

2006-03-09. Guatemala. Sumuc Champey.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. Chichicastenango Sunday market. Spectacular traditional head dress and costumes.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. Chichicastenango Sunday market.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. Chichicastenango Sunday market.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. Chichicastenango Sunday market.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. Chichicastenango Sunday market. Exquisite woven textiles.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. Chichicastenango Sunday market.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. The incense filled church at Chichicastenango.

2006-03-12. Guatemala. A procession with a wooden xylophone and equestrian saint squeezes past K-Nine in Chichicastenango.

2006-03-14. Guatemala. Antigua, the Cathedral on the Parque Central.

2006-03-14. Guatemala. Antigua, the famous fountain built in 1738 in the centre of the Parque Central.

2006-03-17. El Salvador. K-Nine and Mog prepare for an evening drink with Volcan de Zalco in background.

2006-03-19. El Salvador Suchitoto.

2006-03-22. Honduras. Tame macaws at the entrance to Copan archeological site.

2006-03-22. Honduras. The famous hieroglyphic stairway at Copan (the work of King Smoke Shell). The image on the stela to the right (CE 756) is probably he.

2006-03-22. Honduras. "Mitch" responsible for the museum at Copan being closed?

2006-03-22. Honduras. Splendid police transport at Copan.

2006-03-22. Honduras. Near Copan. Clive, Judy and Ann enjoy a strange meal served on top of an earthenware pot with hot charcoal in it (Honduran ground meat and cheese fondue?). By a lucky chance the group saw it's second jaguar that night.

2006-03-23. Honduras. Ann and Judy soaking in a thermal pool near Mejacoto.

2006-03-24. Mateus from Germany who was cycling from the southern tip of South America to the northern tip of Alaska (in only three years). At 16:03:32 GMT on the 2006-03-14 he was going well at N 14.384872 W 88.393192 heading for Copan..

2006-03-27. Honduras. Fish and plantains at the Hotel Brisa del Mar in Corozal.

2006-03-27. Honduras. Exhibits at the delightful "Butterfly Museum" at La Ceiba.

2006-03-27. Honduras. Exhibits at the delightful "Butterfly Museum" at La Ceiba.

2006-03-27. Honduras. Exhibits at the delightful "Butterfly Museum" at La Ceiba. The most insect-like leaf in the world.

2006-03-28. Honduras. Oliver North's runway by the Christopher Columbus Hotel (known as the big green washing machine) just outside Tujillo. A USA plane is met by the local military. A routine port security inspection by the USA, or at least that is what the pilot said.

2006-04-01. Honduras. An old wooden trapiche (ox-driven sugar mill) in use in the village of Los Encuentros near La Union. Note the revolver in the belt of the man on the right.

2006-04-01. Honduras. Clive "enjoys" a taste of the resultant liquid.

2006-04-03. Honduras. A fine restaurant on the beach at Cedeno.

2006-04-03. Honduras. Frigate birds(?) soaring over the beach at Cedeno.

2006-04-04. Nicaragua. Douglas, who was so frustrated by our inability to follow his directions to the rum factory of Flor de Caña in the town of Chichigalpa that he ran all the way there for us to follow him.

2006-04-04. Nicaragua. Exercise equipment in Room One of the Motel la Finca near Leon.

2006-04-05. Nicaragua. Trainee guides at the volcanic hot mud pools at San Jacinto. (It costs $1 extra if they hold your hands as you walk round, plus another $1 if you get given a clay pot. They are well trained!)

2006-04-05. Nicaragua. The volcano of Momotombito in Lago de Managua, with women washing clothes on a slab of pumice in the foreground.

2006-04-05. Nicaragua. A cafe on the beach at Momotombo. Ann and Judy discuss the importance of "Memeplexes and the Altruism Trick" in the spread of religious beliefs. (See The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore. ISBN 0-19-286212-X)

2006-04-05. Nicaragua. A statue of Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba at the WHS of Old León near Momotombo. He lost his head.

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