Photographs (Nicaragua to Ecuador).

This page contains photographs of the group up to 2006-05-18.

2006-04-09. Nicaragua. We met Jesus when lost going too far around Managua on Palm Sunday.

2006-04-09. Nicaragua. Volcano Masaya, the gates of hell.

2006-04-10. Nicaragua. Paintings in a market at Masaya ($5 to $16 USA, acrylic on rawhide, just in case you were wondering).

2006-04-11. Nicaragua. Granada. Cathy's fine Waffle House taken from the balcony of the Convento y Iglesia de San Francisco or vice versa.

2006-04-11. Nicaragua. Granada.

2006-04-12. Nicaragua. On a Pacific beach about 6km North West of San Juan del Sur.

2006-04-14. Costa Rica. One of hundreds of "wild" humming birds at the Humming Bird Gallery in Monteverde.

2006-04-15. Costa Rica. Sky-Walk, Monteverde.

2006-04-16. Costa Rica. K-Nine descends from a panorama view point (five times!)

2006-04-16. Costa Rica. Volcan Arenal from Observation Lodge.

2006-04-18. Costa Rica. Volcan Poas.

2006-04-18. Costa Rica. There was apparently a tradition of brightly painted ox carts around Sarchi, now they are a tourist attraction (so I'm told)..

2006-04-18. Costa Rica. Grotesque topiary at Zarcero

2006-04-22. Costa Rica. Orchids in the Jardin Botanico Lankester.

2006-04-23. Costa Rica. Two loud hissing Boa Constrictors at the Parque Viborana.

2006-04-23. Costa Rica. Helen, a red-eyed tree frog, at the Parque Viborana.

2006-04-23. Costa Rica. Judy holding Helen, a six year old red-eyed tree frog at the Parque Viborana. "The most beautiful frog in the world" according to our guide. We have to agree. She's an amazing creature!

2006-04-24. The Costa Rica - Panama border at Sixiola.

2006-04-24. Panama. A very steep wet hill.

2006-04-25 13:46. Panama. Rainer from Germany, he started a year ago from Seattle USA. Photographed at N 08.895067 W 82.185213.

2006-04-26. Panama. Gary and Richard at XS Memories RV Park. We took 3 months to get there from Mexico, they took 15 days from Seattle, USA! We saw lots, they...

2006-04-27. Panama. Evelyn Batista (left) of Barwil Agencies, Panama City, who arranged our shipping to Colombia, with Stephen, Ann and Clive.

2006-04-29. Panama. The faded glory of the New Washington Hotel in Colon.

2006-04-29. Panama. Two of the eight electric "tugs" that pull ships thru the Gatun Locks on the Panama Canal.

2006-04-29. Panama. Two of the eight electric "tugs" that pull ships thru the Gatun Locks on the Panama Canal. Note the clearance between the ship and the lock gates.

2006-04-29. Panama. A container ship on the Panama Canal. Average toll for cargo ships is $36,000USA. Cruise ships pay much more, with a record breaking $200,000USA. The lowest amount paid was $0.36USA in 1928 by Richard Halliburton, who swam through!

2006-04-30. Panama City, Panama.

2006-04-30. A restored part of old Panama City, Panama.

2006-05-04. Colombia. Cartagena. The old walled city...more Spanish than Spain.

2006-05-04. Colombia. Cartagena. One of many spectacular door knockers!

2006-05-04. Colombia. Cartagena. Colonial charm.

2006-05-04. Colombia. Cartagena. Old walled city.

2006-05-04. Colombia. A Toucan in the courtyard of a convent turned hotel in Cartagena.

2006-05-04. Colombia, Cartagena. The new city.

2006-05-11. Colombia. Brahman cattle at the Bambusa Hotel, near Armenia.

2006-05-11. Colombia. Artwork by Santiago Montoya.

2006-05-11. Colombia. Plantains ripening in plastic bags at the Bambusa Hotel, near Armenia.

2006-05-13. Colombia. About 20km North of Pasto.

2006-05-14. Ecuador. Mick takes down the sign at "La Luna" campsite so Mog can get in.

2006-05-15. Ecuador. Street light in Otavalo.

2006-05-15. Ecuador. Ann selects a hand-woven rug at the popular Otavalo market.

2006-05-16. Ecuador. Judy straddles the Equator (South on the left).

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