One, two, three.... four, five!

Today 2006-06-26 at 15:05:07 GMT at S 15.705232 W 70.072125 at an altitude of 3835.39 metres and after driving for 155 days and 18807 km PanAm 2006 met up with SAM 2005 South America 2005(Womble and Kon Tiki).

We had been exchanging e-mails and text messages with increasing frequency as we converged over the last few weeks. There was still a chance we would miss each other, but we didn't!

We spent a day camped together in darkest Peru near Lake Titicaca, swapping stories of roads and borders, of things to see and things to miss. We reminisced about China 2002 and Siberia 2004. We drank good and not so good wine from Chile. We had a stupendous communal meal outside at 15:00 in the sunshine (it gets very cold by 17:00 and dark by 18:00). After ending the feast with a fine if unroadworthy chocolate cake, we all crammed into Kon Tiki and drank more wine.

From left to right. Judy and Stephen (Mog), Mick and Mo (Mel), Maureen and her daughter Jocelyn (Womble II), Clive and Ann (K-Nine), Les and Margaret and their daughter Jenni (Kon Tiki).

From left to right. Jocelyn, Mo, Mick, Jenni, Les, Margaret, Maureen, Ann, Clive, Judy and Stephen.

Stephen Stewart.

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