Photographs (Ecuador and Peru).

This page contains photographs of the group up to 2006-06-28.

2006-05-17. Ecuador. Llamas at the excellent Hosteria San Mateo Camping near Lasso.

2006-05-17. Ecuador. A llama at the excellent Hosteria San Mateo Camping near Lasso.

2006-05-18. Ecuador. The colorful indigenous market at Saquisili.

2006-05-18. Ecuador. Healing skin cream made from snails on sale at the Saquisili market.

2006-05-18. Ecuador. Toffee making in Banos.

2006-05-19. Ecuador. The PanAmerican Highway near Alausi.

2006-05-21. Ecuador. Thousands of types of Panama hats, all made in Ecuador.

2006-05-21. Ecuador. Half made Panama hats.

2006-05-21. Ecuador. The magnificent cathedral doors at Cuenca.

2006-05-26. Ecuador. As you no doubt recognise, this fine example of the Moche culture (which flourished between 200 BCE and 700 CE) is the Tomb of the Lord of Sipan. The warrior-priest (centre) is surrounded by sacrificial victims (guards with their feet amputated, and young female servants) and burial offerings at Huaca Rajada-Sipan.

2006-05-27. Peru. Magic herbs, potions and aphrodisiacs at the Witch's Market in Chiclayo.

2006-05-27. Peru. Masks and charms at the Witch's Market in Chiclayo.

2006-05-27. Peru. Produce displayed to perfection at the market in Chiclayo.

2006-05-28. Peru. Chan Chan. The vast crumbling ruins of the imperial city of the Chimu (they taught the Inca most of what they knew about irrigation). Chan Chan is the largest adobe city in the world and covers over 28 square kilometers.

2006-05-28. Peru. Adobe wall detail (sea otters) of Chan Chan.

2006-05-28. Peru. Chimu warrior-guard, Chan Chan.

2006-05-28. Peru. Traditional reed boats drying out at Huanchaco, Trujillo on the West coast.

2006-05-29. Peru. Judy after a ride on a reed boat at Huanchaco.

2006-05-30. Peru. Rio Santa Valley.The road from Chuquicara to Huallanca

2006-05-31. Peru. The road from Chuquicara to Huallanca

2006-05-31. Peru. The road from Chuquicara to Huallanca.

2006-05-31. Peru. The road from Chuquicara to Huallanca

2006-06-02. Peru. These three wanted to be photographed with Judy at a beach front restaurant at Barranca (because she has blond hair?). Ann negotiates Judy's fee.

2006-06-02. Peru. One embarrassed surfer got a well-earned round of applause at Barranca.

2006-06-06. Peru. Hand woven baskets and bags at the Lima craft market.

2006-06-06. Peru. Rich Peruvian textiles at the Lima craft market.

2006-06-07. Peru. Fine painted wood paneling in Brujas De Cachiche Restaurant(Witches of Cachiche) near Backpackers Hostel, Lima.

2006-06-07. Peru. The Placio de Gobierno on Plaza de Armas in central Lima.

2006-06-09. Peru. These are not flamingos!

2006-06-09. Peru. Mel streaks across the sand at the Reserva Nacional de Paracas.

2006-06-11. Peru. Smiling faces as we take off to see the lines at Nasca. The equivalent photo taken at landing (of a considerably lower technical quality) has been censored to protect the green. Note Mick and Mo sensibly opted to stay on the ground.

2006-06-11. Peru. The Spider and other lines at Nasca from the air.

2006-06-11. Peru. Our six seater plane for viewing the Nasca lines.

2006-06-12. Peru. One of thousands of roadside llamas between Nasca and Cusco.

2006-06-14. Peru. The group celebrate their arrival at the Quinta Lala campsite in Cusco.

2006-06-15. Peru. Stephen, Clive and Ann on the balcony of the Norton Rat's Café on the Plaza de Armas, Cusco. A great place to watch the world go by.

2006-06-15. Peru. The view from the balcony of the Norton Rat's Café on the Plaza de Armas during Corpus Christi celebrations, Cusco.

2006-06-16. Peru. The rare combination of snow covered mountains and cactus near Urubamba in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

2006-06-16. Peru. The Inca salt pans (Salineras de Maras) near Ollantaytambo, still in use today after being harvested for hundreds of years. For scale, note the man in the centre of the photograph.

2006-06-17. Peru. Josefina Olivera e Hijos.A museum boutique with a serious collection of antique textiles at serious prices, Cusco.

2006-06-18. Peru. A smug and warm Alpaca. Huacayo at Awana Kancha near Cusco.

2006-06-18. Peru. Christo Blanco overlooking Cusco.

2006-06-20. Peru. The train to Aguas Calientes near Machu Picchu.

2006-06-20. Peru. Mo contemplates her starter at Indi Feliz,a fabulous French-Peruvian restaurant in Aguas Calientes.

2006-06-20. Peru. Hand-embroidered folk-art textiles in the market at Aguas Calientes.

2006-06-20. Peru. Aguas Calientes.

2006-06-21. Peru. Machu Picchu on June 21, 2006, Winter Solstice.

2006-06-21. Peru. Machu Picchu. The magnificent stone structures required little restoration work.

2006-06-21. Peru. Judy climbing the steep stone Inca stairs to the top of Waynapicchu, the tall and familiar iconic peak of Machu Picchu.

2006-06-21. Peru. Judy climbing the Inca stairs to the top of Waynapicchu. The light coloured area, top right, is Machu Picchu. The light coloured zigzag to the left is the road up to the famous site.

2006-06-21. Peru. Stephen and Judy at Machu Picchu.

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