Still in Asuncion.

We (well six of us) are still enjoying the company of the Hippopotami in the Jardín Botánico in Asuncion. Clive and Ann in K-Nine remain at the Mercedes Benz truck garage. Although K-Nine went to the garage to get the steering fixed a fault with the turbocharger has been diagnosed and this will take several days to fix, so we are stuck in Asuncion.

Naturally we are all making use of our enforced stay here to do those little jobs we have been putting off for weeks.

Kolob has not been able to plug into the available mains electricity here (Kolob requires 110 volts whilst the local supply is 230 volts) and for reasons that are not yet fully understood Kolob's solar panels have not been providing the expected charge. So Mike has been shopping for a 2kW auto-transformer to step the 230 volts down to 110 volts.

Alas although Kolob's charger is sufficiently intelligent to be able to restrict its consumption to 5 amps (rather than its normal 30 amps!) it still declines to use 110 volts 50Hz! (anything below 55Hz is rejected). So Mike's only method of charging is a very crude 230 volt (12 volt 10 Amp) charger bought in Bolivia.

Mog has had some work on the engine and a major clean up.

Mel has had a wash, the solar panels cleaned, new latches put on some of the lockers, and the retractable bed mounting repaired. Mick has opted not to try and repair the damage done to the front bumper by a large bit of metal that flew of a truck as one of its wheels disintegrated.

Stephen Stewart.

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