More problems for K-Nine.

We (Mel, Kolob and Mog) are parked at the Refugio Biológico Tati Yupi (S25.371355 W54.581053) to the north of the Itaipu Dam visitor's centre near Cuidad del Este in Paraguay. We had intended to park in the visitor's centre car park, but were directed here. As you can see it is a far more pleasant place to camp. There is plenty of grass, water, toilets, showers and lots of barbecue areas. Most visitors seem to be here for just a day but there are several groups in tents. So far it seems to free of charge.

We had to get permission to camp here at the dam visitor centre.

K-Nine, we hope, is back at the Mercedes-Benz truck garage in Asunción (Condor S.A.C.I.). After the work done on K-Nine's engine in Encarnacion (also by Condor S.A.C.I.) things went from bad to worse.

A week ago K-Nine was running well, but with a small oil leak. Now K-Nine has a noisy turbo, difficulty in starting, and a lack of power. Exactly why the new turbo was needed and why Condor in Encarnacion needed to adjust both the valve clearance and the injection timing is not clear.

Apparently Condor in Asunción have won awards for their standard of service and the MD even visited Clive and Ann in the workshop to make sure "the foreigners" were being looked after properly. We hope they can redeem their now very tarnished image! Watch this space.

Mog has also been having trouble with an oil leak. In Mog's case from a pipe carrying oil back from the compressor to the sump. The pipe has been patched with a bit of rubber hose, epoxy resin and three worm drive clips, so far successfully.

Before we left the area around Encarnacion we visited a second Jesuit Mission at Jesus, also a World Heritage Site and also very impressive.

The church, which was never finished, was started in 1763 and work continued till 1768 when the Jesuits were expelled from South America by the Spanish. The site has recently been beautifully restored.

Stephen Stewart.

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