Brazil, Rain and K-Nine.

Mel, Kolob and Mog have crossed into Brazil from Paraguay, whilst K-Nine remains in Asuncion at the Mercedes Benz garage.

Because it now seems probable that K-Nine will have to stay in Asuncion for several more days (see below) Mel, Kolob and Mog have crossed into Brazil and are parked at the Brazilian Camping Club campsite just outside Iguazu Falls Park (S25.610195 W54.476937).

The camp site has water, electricity, showers, a pool and sauna, but has definitely seen better days. Charges are about $7USA per person per day.

The pool might be usable (if it was warmer) but the sauna has not been used since 2002.

Because the electricity here is 110 volts 60Hz. Kolob can plug in directly (although the site wiring leaves a lot to be desired). Mel and Mog are able to use Kolob's 2kW autotransformer to provide 250 volts 60Hz. which is fine for battery charging.

Since we have been here we have had many hours of quite spectacular thunder storms and it has hardly stopped raining. Nobody has yet ventured into the park.

Lots of routine "rest day" chores have been tackled. Mel's rear under-sink cupboard has been fixed by Mick.

Thousands of photographs have been backed up to DVD by both Mo and Stephen.

Mike and René have been back into Foz do Yguaco in search of anti-malarial drugs (so far unsuccessfully).

Meanwhile K-Nine remains in Asuncion at the Mercedes-Benz garage. From the e-mail we have received from Clive it seems that the noise problem with the new turbo is now acknowledged by the garage and is being fixed by a specialist turbo company. What is happening to K-Nine's other problems we don't know yet, but Clive expects to be is Asuncion till Friday.

Stephen Stewart.

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