Only two whales!

We are wild-camped by the sea. It is pleasantly warm with a gentle breeze. The wine is good (and very cheap). And, as the observant will have noticed, Mel has re-joined Mog and K-Nine (welcome back Mick and Mo, after your adventures in Buenos Aires).

Unfortunately we can only see two Right Whales at the moment.

We are parked at the semi-official camping area (S42.618292 W64.261193) at El Pescadero (Punta Pardelas) about 15km from Puerto Piramides on the wonderful Peninsula Valdes in Argentina. When we arrived at the peninsula we were told we were only allowed to park at the municipal camp site in Puerto Piramides, which we did for the first two nights (OK but not great). A local informant in town said we would regret it if we didn't come here. And he was right!

The road here from Bahia Blanca (Routa 3) has been straight, smooth and very boring. (The road sign warning of lions (centre) is actually an advert for a zoo!)

Peninsula Valdes has exceeded all expectations. First there were the whales. (Main photograph by Mick, bottom left by Clive).

Then there were the penguins.

And finally the elephant seals, hairy armadillos and a silver fox. It is apparently important not to disturb the elephant seals. Their hectic life seems to leave them somewhat lethargic.

Since starting this web page Mick has discovered why he can not pump fuel from Mel's reserve tank to the main tank: his reserve tank is empty.

Mick has also discovered why his reserve tank is empty. Somebody has drained it! Still at least they put the drain plug back and fuel is not very expensive here.

It is now time to make a barbecue with fine Argentinian beef, sample several fine Argentinian wines, and watch the sun go down behind a whale or two.

Stephen Stewart.

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