Camping La Florida.

This web page comes to you from the very German Camping La Florida on Ruta 5 just outside Villa Gral. Belgrano. Unless you have a good road map of Argentina you probably won't find Villa Gral. Belgrano, but many overlanders in South America do.


There are several reasons to come to Camping La Florida. Firstly it is a fine campsite in a very attractive part of Argentina. Secondly you can (for about one Euro per day) leave your vehicle here for many months in relative safety. Thirdly you can enjoy a splendid three hour barbecue most Sundays and finally you can admire the owner's fine selection of gnomes.

The campsite is well signed directly off Ruta 5 at S31.973430 W64.544558. If you want to enquire about leaving your vehicle here, you can contact Ralf and Bettina Lage by e-mail (preferably in German).

Among the interesting vehicles parked here is the 4x4 Mercedes 815D Woelcke vehicle seen at Ushuaia (top, left), a nine metre long monster MAN truck with a Unicat (Terra/Cross)body (top, centre) and a Toyota Landcruiser with a Langer & Bock body (top, right).

Perhaps the most unusual vehicle is the green Mercedes 911 (bottom, left). This vehicle has been fitted with a new cabin in Brazil. The old cabin was removed, and the owners lived in this for four months whilst the luxurious new cabin was built and fitted. Total cost only 30,000 Euros! See

Stephen Stewart.

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