Back in the UK.

After visiting every country in Central America and South America, traveling for 477 days and covering 54,533 kilometers (33,885 miles) Mog is safely back in the UK.

K-Nine is still in Argentina and Mel is in Australia.

The process of disembarking at Tilbury was straightforward, apart from the fact that customs closes at 15:00 on Fridays and remains closed till Monday (or in our case Tuesday because of the May Day public holiday).

We arrived at 14:37 on Friday 2007-05-04 and cleared customs at 15:01 thanks to the efforts of Grimaldi UK.

I had been in regular telephone and email contact with Garry Morkham (Garry.Morkham [at] Phone: +44 (0)1375844305) since we were in Hamburg. Garry had arranged to have a car waiting on the dock-side as the ship's ramp touched down and armed with Mog's papers I was whisked away to customs (who already had their coats on) and after a cursory check of our Carnet (which was rightly not stamped into the UK) we were "cleared" by customs (Mog was still stuck in the bowels of the ship).

No questions were asked about "permanent export", road-tax, SORN, MOT or indeed anything else. About an hour later were were on the road (driving on the left).

Stephen Stewart.

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