We are off!

Of the six vans heading to Siberia at least three are now on the move. Mog is in France near Metz, both Womble and K-Nine should have crossed the English channel today.

The group's first full rendezvous is just inside Croatia on 2004-04-02.

In response to a number of questions about the problems of obtaining visas for a trip like Siberia 2004 below is a table listing the visas required by UK citizens along with some notes on the problems of obtaining them. The approximate cost given is per person for the visa proper, any pre-approval and/or letter of invitation. Unless you are able to visit the country's embassy in person, or have lots of time, you should add $40 to the cost of each visa to cover the cost of using an agent.





Requires pre-approval, usually from an agency in Iran, before applying for a visa. It can be difficult to get pre-approval. It is not uncommon for applications to be rejected.



Usually not a problem.



Entry into China by vehicle is complicated. In most cases it is necessary to employ an agency in China to arrange approval for the proposed route along with vehicle paperwork and a guide. (Cost very roughly $1000.00 per vehicle per month.) See notes from China 2002. Chinese visas are however reasonably easy to obtain.



Usually not a problem.



Usually not a problem.



A letter of introduction is required from an approved agent.



Usually not a problem.



Because of the time spent in Russia and the need for multiple entry it is necessary to obtain a six month business visa. This can be both complicated and expensive. A letter of invitation is required.


Stephen Stewart.

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