Photographs (May 2004).

This page contains photographs of the group during May 2004. The time (if given) on a photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by up to 5 hours.

Because of their size these photographs were uploaded from John's Cafe in the Seman Hotel, Kashi, China. This page may take several minutes to load.

2004-05-16. An unusual road hazard on the KKH. He was doing about 20kph downhill, with no brakes.

2004-05-18. Although the KKH was generally in excellent condition there were a few bits missing!

2004-05-20. The river Indus with the KKH on the right.

2004-05-20. Yet more of the KKH.

2004-05-21. Sunrise views of Mount Rakaposhi from the "Eagle's Nest Hotel" above Karimabad, Pakistan.

2004-05-21. Baltit Fort, Karimabad, Pakistan (and its night time security guard..

2004-05-22. The KKH in Pakistan.

2004-05-22. The KKH in Pakistan.

2004-05-22. The KKH in Pakistan.

2004-05-22. The KKH in Pakistan.

2004-05-22. The KKH in Pakistan.

2004-05-23. A group of ladies we met whilst walking up to a glacier at Gilmit, Pakistan. There is Internet access at school we were told and I promised to put their photo on the web!

2004-05-24. The group on a rather jittery suspension bridge besides the KKH.

2004-05-24. John fills Speed by hand at the unexpected fuel station between Sost and Dih on the KKH in Pakistan..

2004-05-25. OJ crosses the one bit of rough road on the whole of KKH between Islamabad (Pakistan) and Kashi (China).

2004-05-25. K-Nine approaches the Pakistan - China border at the top of Khunjerab Pass (4733 metres). The Chinese flag can be seen flying from the tower in the distance.

2004-05-26. Ann prepares for a leisurely stroll round Lake Karakul.

2004-05-26. Pat and "Alexander the Great" prepare to give chase!

2004-05-27. Roadside weaving at village between Karakul and Kashi. The thin strips will be sewn together to produce a blanket or rug.

2004-05-27. Pink rock formations by the roadside between Karakul and Kashi.

Stephen Stewart.

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