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John's farewell dinner in Almaty.After staying in Almaty for four days we were eventually registered by the OVIR and our passports returned to us late on Monday (with the two all important bits of paper inside). On Tuesday we headed out of the city north towards Taldy Korgan (with an excellent guide who took us to the outskirts of the city - thank you for arranging this Rinat).

It turned out to be a very good thing we had stayed in Almaty to register with the OVIR because the first police road check we came to demanded to see our registration.

Clive locks Speed up in Almaty.Unfortunately, following a number of phone calls to the UK, John (Speed) has decided that he has no choice but to fly back to London immediately.

So we have returned to our "haven of security" in Almaty whilst the arrangements are made. John's van will stay in Almaty for the immediate future (many, many thanks Rinat) pending John's decision on when he, and/or others, may be able to return to collect it .

John flew back to the UK on 2004-06-24, he is already greatly missed by the rest of us!

We may meet in Mongolia!

We have received two more e-mails from the group of four French club members in Mongolia at Tsetserleg who are currently heading west. We hope to meet them, probably between Olgii and Altai.

Stephen Stewart.

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