Three go to Listvyanka.

On the right is the view through Mog's window whilst I write this web page. The town is Listvyanka and the lake is Lake Baikal (containing, so we are told, one fifth of the world's fresh water).

Listvyanka is a small tourist-oriented town on the shores of lake Baikal about 65km south east of Irkutsk. In spite of the best endeavors of developers, the packaging industry (mostly beer and vodka bottles) and souvenir sellers the town retains many attractive features (at least in July 2004). One of these is a splendid water front parking area where Mog, OJ and K-Nine are currently camped in anticipation of spending tonight (Friday 2004-07-30) here (51.845926°N 104.874045°E).

Other "attractions" are the Baikal Limnological Institute where Pat currently is (what do you mean it's not in your dictionary?).

The few remaining old wood houses have splendidly photogenic painted windows and the smell of wood fires, used to smoke fish, pervades the place.

A fine place for a little R&R and we hope a good restaurant this evening.

But what I hear you ask has happened to Imp?

On Wednesday evening, whilst discussing our departure time for Listvyanka next morning, Peter mentioned that Imp had been running a little rough when we drove into Irkutsk. So Clive had a listen, then Stephen had a listen. And a "little rough" was something of an understatement.

It was agreed that Imp needed a garage - urgently! Luckily there turned out to be a Mercedes garage in Irkutsk and Imp and K-Nine got a taxi to lead them to it (52.326500°N 104.239560°E). There was some doubt Imp would make it.

The garage turned out to be excellent and within a few hours they had the head off Imp's engine and were removing bent bits (why is it that in the UK you have to make an appointment and wait two weeks but in Russia they get started on your vehicle within 30 minutes of you arriving?)

They also happily agreed to push Imp out of the garage each evening so Peter can continue to live inside.

At the time of writing it seems that Imp has two bent valves and four bent pushrods! But the parts are available locally and Imp should be back on the road by Saturday! We will see.

Stephen Stewart.

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