Day 1. 2004-07-05. Near Tsagaannuur.

Notes: Arrived at the Russian border town of Tawatha (Tashanta - 49.714498°N 89.195527°E) at 08:00. Nothing open till 09:00. At 09:40 we moved to outer gate. Russian visas carefully checked. Off at 11:30, after several queues, multiple stamps and cross checks. Russians had to check that Americans did not need a Mongolian visa. Left last Russian border check at 12:05.

At 12:35 arrived at Mongolian border (49.605612°N 89.465090°E). Closed till 13:00. Female soldier gave us immigration and customs forms to fill out (form in English and Mongolian). Sent to side office where one man very carefully checked our passports and wrote down all our details in phonetic Mongolian. At 14:45 the vehicles were allowed into the border compound. Stood in various queues for passport checks, form checks, etc. At 16:30 still waiting. Superficial vehicle search.

A problem, they have to call Ulaan Baatar. We are supposed to have got advanced permission for our vehicles to use this border. Our letter from the Mongolian Embassy in London seems to save the day. Aggressive vehicle search. We are let in to Mongolia at 19:05, and park up about 19:30. Lots of marmots and ground squirrels!

Warning: You can not just turn up at this border with a vehicle!

We believe we are only the second group of foreign vehicle to cross this border.

End of Day Statistics.

Total Time: 11:04
Stopped Time: ?
Moving Time: ?

Distance: 56.1 km.
Overall Speed: 5.1 k.p.h.
Moving Speed: ?

Location: 49.663161°N 89.307902°E.
Speed: 36 k.p.h.

Altitude: 2260 metres.
Distance: 29.9 km.

Location: 49.640149°N 89.448218°E.
Speed: 22 k.p.h.

Altitude: 2496 metres.
Distance: 40.8 km.

Location: 49.596956°N 89.462358°E.
Speed: 23 k.p.h.

Altitude: 2319 metres.
Distance: 47.6 km.

Location: 49.572928°N 89.466027°E.
Speed: 33 k.p.h.

Altitude: 2283 metres.
Distance: 50.4 km.

Stephen Stewart.

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