Day 5. 2004-07-09. Towards Bulgan.

Notes:We pass a red rock mountain range, with a large marshy area next to the lake, and we see more cranes. Passed a rare road sign (see photo). Some debate about which is the right road to Altai. Two locals assure us we're headed in the right direction, even though it appears we are off the main road.

Drove for miles along wetlands with strange little adobe houses and not a soul in sight. Imp gets stuck coming up a sandy slope when he tries to make a sharp turn in the deep sand.

More eagles, a small quail-like bird, and cranes.

Diesel Fuel : None.

End of Day Statistics.

Total Time: 9:57
Stopped Time: 3:49
Moving Time: 6:04

Distance: 131.0 km.
Overall Speed: 13.3 k.p.h.
Moving Speed: 21.6 k.p.h.

Location: 47.950440°N 91.778199°E.
Speed: 17 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1569 metres.
Distance: 3.5 km.

Location: 47.915262°N 91.817633°E.
Speed: 21 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1557 metres.
Distance: 8.4 km.

Location: 47.876879°N 91.822165°E.
Speed: 24 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1630 metres.
Distance: 12.8 km.

Location: 47.867533°N 91.835275°E.
Speed: 15 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1601 metres.
Distance: 14.3 km.

Location: 47.857513°N 91.846673°E.
Speed: 38 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1569 metres.
Distance: 15.7 km.

Location: 47.843107°N 91.871118°E.
Speed: 4 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1507 metres.
Distance: 19.0 km.

Location: 47.821625°N 91.920736°E.
Speed: 27 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1397 metres.
Distance: 23.5 km.

Location: 47.777111°N 92.002494°E.
Speed: 23 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1238 metres.
Distance: 31.4 km.

Location: 47.766452°N 92.019393°E.
Speed: 22 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1205 metres.
Distance: 33.2 km.

Location: 47.749186°N 92.038368°E.
Speed: 19 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1185 metres.
Distance: 35.6 km.

Location: 47.701113°N 92.085095°E.
Speed: 31 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1244 metres.
Distance: 42.0 km.

Location: 47.613332°N 92.143194°E.
Speed: 22 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1239 metres.
Distance: 52.7 km.

Location: 47.523027°N 92.177212°E.
Speed: 31 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1313 metres.
Distance: 63.1 km.

Location: 47.498255°N 92.188843°E.
Speed: 33 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1332 metres.
Distance: 66.0 km.

Location: 47.477343°N 92.204364°E.
Speed: 0 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1340 metres.
Distance: 68.7 km.

Location: 47.446386°N 92.302091°E.
Speed: 10 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1273 metres.
Distance: 77.0 km.

Location: 47.422328°N 92.369582°E.
Speed: 27 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1229 metres.
Distance: 83.0 km.

Location: 47.375979°N 92.439607°E.
Speed: 21 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1175 metres.
Distance: 90.5 km.

Location: 47.305872°N 92.509705°E.
Speed: 26 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1136 metres.
Distance: 100.1 km.

Location: 47.248701°N 92.571633°E.
Speed: 17 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1124 metres.
Distance: 108.6 km.

Location: 47.236190°N 92.590268°E.
Speed: 19 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1120 metres.
Distance: 110.6 km.

Location: 47.181303°N 92.654073°E.
Speed: 21 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1117 metres.
Distance: 118.9 km.

Location: 47.151323°N 92.694193°E.
Speed: 16 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1122 metres.
Distance: 123.5 km.

Location: 47.151538°N 92.740145°E.
Speed: 14 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1133 metres.
Distance: 127.1 km.

Location: 47.151538°N 92.740145°E.
Speed: 2 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1133 metres.
Distance: 127.1 km.

Location: 47.150686°N 92.742118°E.
Speed: 11 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1134 metres.
Distance: 127.2 km.

Location: 47.150072°N 92.745005°E.
Speed: 8 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1137 metres.
Distance: 127.6 km.

Location: 47.130613°N 92.769912°E.
Speed: 0 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1161 metres.
Distance: 131.0 km.

Location: 47.130539°N 92.770230°E.
Speed: 0 k.p.h.

Altitude: 1156 metres.
Distance: 131.0 km.

Stephen Stewart.

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